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Education Programmes

Crown Court Shadowing Scheme 

Get hands on experience about what its like to work in a court room. Choose to shadow a solicitor, barrister or judge to get experience in industry. 


The Crown Court Marshalling Scheme is run by the Merseyside Junior Lawyers Division on behalf of Liverpool Crown Court. Please note that the eligibility criteria is strict and set by the Crown Court. Please do not apply if you do not meet the criteria, particularly the requirement that you are a 3rd year law student or a GDL/CPE student.



Each term, the Crown Court is willing to accept 3 students to marshal at Liverpool Crown Court in accordance with the criteria set out in this document. The Merseyside JLD will apply the criteria to applicants and nominate them to HHJ Woodhall.

The successful candidates will marshal for 1 day. The dates will be negotiated with the MJLD and with HHJ Woodhall. Applications must be made by the Application Form. Please email our Careers and Education representatives; Eve at or Laura at  to obtain the application form. 

 Applications for the  Liverpool Crown Court Marshalling scheme are open until the 31st October 2022 and must be received no later than 6pm on the date applications close, 31st October 2022. Applications submitted after the closing date will not be considered. Applications submitted outside of the application period will be returned with advice to resubmit in the next application period.

County Court Shadowing Scheme 

The Marshalling scheme is also run by the Merseyside Junior Lawyers Division on behalf of Birkenhead County Court. Applications for this term have now closed. Applications for the next term will open in early 2023. 

Academic Criteria


Candidates must be a 3rd year law student or a student attending a GDL/CPE course in the same academic year as the application is submitted. Candidates must demonstrate academic excellence and that they have obtained a 2:1 degree classification or higher or that they are on course for a 2:1 degree. This applies to both those students who have studied or are studying law as undergraduates and those who did not study law. The schemes are open to students from the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University and the University of Law. 

Career Criteria

The scheme is appropriate for those wishing to pursue a career at the criminal bar. Successful candidates will demonstrate an interest in advocacy and public speaking. They will also demonstrate an interest in criminal law and the criminal justice system.



Any queries regarding the scheme must be submitted to and











































Download the marshalling scheme application below. 

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