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MJLD: Celebrating Black History Month 2023

October marks Black History Month, providing an opportunity to

celebrate Black creativity, heritage and achievements.

This year, there is a focus on the exceptional achievements of black women, who

Black History Month UK says have “too often been overlooked or forgotten.” This

focus aims to highlight the crucial role that black women have played in shaping

history, inspiring change, and building communities. This year also marks the 75th Anniversary of the arrival of The Empire Windrush in the UK, with 800 passengers who emigrated from the Caribbean arriving to the UK in 1948.

To commemorate Black History Month 2023, we celebrate the many Black female

lawyers and activists who have made their mark on the legal profession, including

Baroness Patricia Scotland, who became the first Black woman to be appointed a

Queen’s Counsel in 1991; Stella Thomas, the first West African woman to be called

to the Bar by Middle Temple in 1933; Dame Linda Dobbs, who became the first non-

white High Court judge in the UK in 2004; and of course I. Stephanie Boyce who

became the first Black woman President at the Law Society in 2021. Not to forget,

Dorothy Kuya who the Lord Mayor recently posthumously admitted to the Roll of

Citizens of Honour in recognition of her tireless campaigning against discrimination

and racism.

The Law Society has also continued its participation in the #10000BlackInterns

initiative, which offers paid work experience for young Black people across more

than twenty-five sectors – including the law – and creates a sustainable cycle of

mentorship and sponsorship. The Law Society of England and Wales President,

Lubna Shuja, has said that it is fundamental for law firms to engage with the scheme

in order to increase diversity within the Law and welcome more young Black voices

into the profession.To find out more about this fantastic initiative and to get involved, please visit

During Black History Month, Liverpool's museums, such as the International Slavery

Museum and the Museum of Liverpool, as well at St George’s Hall are all hosting

special exhibitions, events, and lectures that delve into the city's role in the

transatlantic slave trade - a period that has not been forgotten by Liverpool. These

initiatives aim to shed light on the harsh realities of this time whilst acknowledging

Liverpool's role in this history, as well as celebrating the achievements and

contributions of the black community in the city today.

Many law firms across the city are also celebrating Black History Month, reminding

us all of the vital role that black history plays in shaping the world we live in today.

The team at MSB Solicitors are taking part in the following events throughout


 Museum Exhibition Tour - 13 th October: Stephen Carl-Lokko, Curator of

Community History Camp; Content at the Museum of Liverpool has kindly agreed

to give a personal tour of the ‘Inspirational Black Scousers’ Exhibition at theMuseum. The Tour will also include the Anti-Apartheid Display.

 Laurence Westgraph Slavery Walking Tour - 20 th October: Famed local

historian Laurence Westgraph has again agreed to provide a one-hour slavery

walking tour in the city centre for MSB staff.


Firms across the city have also been encouraged to attend the following showing of

“Just an Ordinary Lawyer” at St George’s Hall on 20 th October 2023 which depicts

the struggles black lawyers faced in post-war Britain.

Black History Month: Just an Ordinary Lawyer (

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